What *IS* this MUGEN ZERO you speak of?

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What *IS* this MUGEN ZERO you speak of? Empty What *IS* this MUGEN ZERO you speak of?

Post by Ace on Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:25 am

Well, it's been a long time coming, but after numerous weeks of debating with Team ZERO about what MUGEN ZERO actually *is*, we've finally got it nailed down. Thanks to this, we have come up with a true development model for launching MUGEN ZERO commercially.

Unlike the way I described it before, MUGEN ZERO is what we now call a "video-game character sandbox".

What that means is that it's an environment where you play around, creating your own in-depth video game characters for fun, making each look, sound, feel, and behave just how you want. After you've created a slew of awesome video game characters, MUGEN ZERO becomes a hub that gives you access to new ways of playing with your characters with various innovative gameplay modes. One example is an online fighting mode where you can earn 'network credits' that can be exchanged for prizes and money, or earn other achievements for participating. Another gameplay mode is an online RPG sandbox mode where you can take that huge slew of characters and host a game with them. You can then switch in/out between these characters at will, and fight buddies or act as the Game Master, telling a story as you go along, letting your buddies level up as you make monsters or battles on the fly that provide XP, with custom items that can be used as props, give money, or invoke status ailments. If this sounds interesting to you, please keep following us!

As you can see, MUGEN ZERO has come quite far in this time we've been so quiet. We're a three-man team right now, each with our own lives to manage, in addition to the game. Due to this, development is a lot slower than we would all like. However, we are currently looking to seek funding on Kickstarter so we can make this our day job and bring MUGEN ZERO to you a whole lot sooner! Any help spreading the word would be much appreciated!

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