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Post by Ace on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:45 pm

To create a character in MUGEN ZERO, you will need a few guidelines on how the process works. This will serve as a guide on what tools you will need and how to use those tools to draw/edit your character images to be ready for import into the game.

Select the abilities you require for your character in the Character File Maker (referred to as "CFM" from here on). As you have only a limited amount of ability points to aid in your character's potential strengths, your character will have weaknesses also. I recommend having good movement speed, strong defense, or at least strong attacks. Some kind of basic aerial / wall-climbing ability is crucial. If you can't be faster, smarter, sturdier, or stronger than your opponents in some way, you will not succeed.

With your chosen abilities selected, you can then click a button in the CFM to export a list of required sprites into a folder and begin editing or replacing those during the next step of the character creation process.

In this step, you will need to actually create your character images to your liking. This is the largest task in creating a character, however, with the right tools (and a little creativity), this step becomes a breeze. Smile

This process will be detailed in-depth in the "How to draw or edit a character" portion of this tutorial.

With your character created, you can simply click a button to import your sprites and then tweak the feel of your character from how it jumps or moves around as well as what sounds are played on other computers when it jumps, lands, shoots or attacks. There are other general tweaks that can be made at this point as well as tweaks depending on the abilities chosen. When you are satisfied with your character, you can save a character file that can then be used in-game and share the file with others (or not) depending on your preference.

I suggest posting a claim as the author of the character in the Character Showcase as an official indicator that you are the original author of the character. If you are modifying a character that belongs to someone else, always indicate the original author's name as well as your own name and be sure to update the character ID to a new (completely different) ID so your specific character can be found easily by others by searching for it by its 10 digit ID rather than simply by its name alone.

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