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Post by Ace on Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:33 pm

There are many things you can do to help MUGEN ZERO grow in both form and function as well as community.

Here are some of those things:

Spread the word!

MUGEN ZERO is very little known right now and anything you can do to tell people how cool you think it is will help bring more people to the community (as well as more cool and unique characters to download!). All you got to do is spread the word! Smile

HELP MUGEN ZERO!! Pbucket HELP MUGEN ZERO!! Pbucket Online Fighting & Roleplay Game

Feel free to use these images and links in your signature on other forums!

Click Some Ads!

Yeah, ads suck, but it will help me a lot. I'm in a rough spot right now even keeping internet going and it's one of the first expenses I have to cut. If you can click on some of the ads on the main site, I could keep updates coming quickly and, not to mention, I would really appreciate your help. This is a community, and community is something that means a lot to me.

To put it simply, if you will help me, I will also help you.

You can count on it.


You can really help out if you donate to the project! Just as I mentioned a moment ago, help me out and I will help you in return. All people who donated will receive something very special in due time...

Be sure that you leave me your contact details and forum name when you donate... Wink

Join the Team!

Yep. Despite how it may seem, MUGEN ZERO is a professional project. It is in its early stages right now, but if I can get some good help, development should go much much faster.

I currently have one person helping me, Safwat1995, and he's really doing an awesome job keeping me from feeling the typical symptoms of project fatigue. I have been working on MUGEN ZERO's game design, on and off, for about 9 years now. However, despite his help, Safwat1995 is preoccupied with school and lacks the time to devote to the project as much as he wants. If anyone knows PHP/mySQL and is interested in online game programming and/or overcoming security issues, and would like to help him, feel free to contact me.

In addition, I need a tool programmer to program specialized editing tools. If any sprite artists/animators are interested, you can help me create some default characters to be included with the game. I am also looking for one level designer and someone experienced in design or graphics (such as backgrounds and/or tilesets).

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